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This is what the DDK looks like unpacked and ready to play. Rich deep sounds from the world's first "bass cajon."


Picture below is DDK all packed up!

Home Page Kit Packed Up.png
The future of drumming is here!  A first of its kind!  A portable acoustic drum kit that is fun to play and even MORE fun to set-up and tear-down! 
Why play a boring cajon or a heavy kit?
  >  5 min setup
  >  1 trip to the gig
  >  75% lighter
  >  tiny footprint
  >  compact storage
  >  custom made, all specialty wood
  >  100% real drumming experience
Our 1st trip to NAMM was amazing! Hundreds of drummers tested the kit and claimed it was the "best in show!." 

Please check out the Artist Videos page. Seeing is believing.  Drummers all over the world validated the "coolness" factor of the DDK!
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