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Drummer for more than 40 years.

Realized I had some drum talent at the age of 10 (5th grade) when I could play Wipeout (by the Ventures) on the school cafeteria tables.  Click on link for fun!

My favorite non-drumming instrument to play (bang on) is the steering wheel.
Still playing with my high school best friend, guitarist and singer - Joe Timpone.
Got my first drumkit, a set of used Rogers for $150, back in 1972.
Since my mom forbade me to play (learn) the drums while she was home, I quickly learned how to play them when she was out at Bingo.
Played in garage bands, classic rock bands, and praise (worship) bands.
Biggest thing I learned when I started playing in bands was how to keep "real time." Still learning how to do that better!
My favorite groupie - my wife and best friend, Mary.
My favorite song to play at gigs is "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison (for Mary).
Hardest (and best) song to play, still today, is Rock N Roll by Led Zeppelin.

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