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The DDK Custom Box Package = $1495 and includes:
All custom wood, telescoping handle, super-glide wheels, machined spindles, splash cymbal mount + rod, custom-designed internal shelf, heavy-duty transport handles, custom designed kick pedal batter head and face, and bass port.  HOW TO ORDER?  GO TO CONTACT US PAGE AND COMPLETE FORM!

The Essential Drum Components Package = $359 and includes: 
Pearl snare, DW mounted tom, splash cymbal, tambourine, and LP soft beater for kick drum pedal.

It is recommended that you purchase these components as they have been selected to perfectly fit the configuration of the DDK custom box.  However, if you already have drumming gear, you may only need the DW mounted tom, Pearl snare, and soft beater which would cost $290 - instead of $359.

The Full Drum Components Package = $734 and includes:
The Essentials Package + DW kick drum, DW lightweight hi-hat stand, hi-hat cymbals, and LP soft beater.

It is recommended that you purchase this package if you are a beginner or your current drum gear would not work well with the DDK setup.

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